Garrie Maguire

an Australian Photographer in Beijing



During the end of March i got to spend a weekend in Seoul, unfortunately the weather was not the best but I did get one day to walk around and explore the city.

A village temple feast, in Guangdong provence – 村庄宗庙盛宴,广东省

Client: Self 客户:自己 As the family portrayed here is mine, I had great co-operation and made about 2500 photographs of the house warming events, which climaxed with a banquet for 500 people. Again looking for outlets who will pay to publish this set. I've kept the gallery just to the feast, but there is so much more, including Guangdong opera.  这个家族其实和我有姻亲关系,所以我得到了很大的帮助,拍摄了2500张照片,关于这场最多时有500人参与的家族盛宴。我再一次地寻找商家出版这一相集。我把宴会的照片放进了相册里,但是还有更多的照片,包括粤剧还待发布。

Eastern International Art College, Zhengzhou – 郑州轻工业学院易斯顿国际美术学院

Client: Self 客户:自己
I was invited to this college as a visiting artist. Lecturing to a packed house of 280 students, I led a workshop and hung out with the students for two days. Some local business men had commissioned the sculpture department to make them a bull. Time to inspect the clay model.  There is a gallery
here. I'm looking for publications who might be interested in the work.


China : Chinese at Red Gate Gallery  – 当前展览 :: 身临其境 红门画廊

20131215-6548-Edit Client: Red Gate Gallery 客户:红门画廊
I was asked to curate the Winter stockroom show. I chose to explore the notion of what is it like to live in China. I did this by using the art made by the Chinese artists, and picking themes and images that suited my lived experience. The exhibition has been written up in City Weekend, TimeOut Beijing and China Pictorial. 

我有幸被邀请策划一次库存艺术品的冬季展览。我选择了探索在中国生活的真谛作为展览内容。我采用了中国艺术家的作品,并挑选符合我的生活经验的主题和画作。这次展览已经在City weekend, TimeOut Beijing China Pictorial上做了报导。

Argyle Hotel, Shanghai Airport – 上海华港雅阁酒店



Client: Argyle Hotels 客户:东川至和
The Argyle Hotel group work continued with the old Shanghai airport hotel. Included above are two of the more unusual photographs. I mostly shot rooms. One staff member both looked and acted like a young Chinese Mr Spoke. We taught him to stay 'that is highly illogical' In the second photo, the tailor's assistant in his rather wonderful room made for a great portrait. 


Sam Walsh, CEO, RioTinto – 力拓集团首席执行官


Client: GMac 客户:中国国际矿业协会 
I was the official photographer for a big mining conference held in Beijing at which the keynote speaker was Sam Walsh. I had the opportunity to sit him down for one and a bit minutes to make this quick portrait.

我在一场北京的矿业峰会担任官方摄影师。Sam Walsh做了主旨发言。我利用了坐在他旁边的一时之机拍下了这张照片


From the While i was in Guizhou, I had a couple of days to explore. Unfortunately I was not presented with excellent weather. The weather adds a bit of atmosphere to the images I this from the first day is much more cheerful then the images from the second, very overcast, day.

The Australian Governor General 澳大利亚总督

Client: AustCham 客户:《汉语世界》杂志

Qintan Bryce, is the Queen's representative in the Australian constitutional monarchy. She is the ceremonial head of state for all major events. She visited Beijing and was guest of honour at a breakfast,

Quentin Bryce

Argyle Grand Hotel - Liupanshui  雅阁酒店管理集团(澳大利亚)


Client: Argyle Hotels 客户:红门画廊

In early October i was commissioned to photograph the new 400 room, 5 start Argyle Grand Hotel. This included both making images of the rooms as well as the staff. 

The General Manager of the Hotel

This is my pitch for working with business magazines. From walking into the room to finishing this set up was 10 minutes. The whole shoot was a relaxing 25 minutes including setting up a shot behind his desk and him taking a call.


Lanzhou 逃跑计划

20130829_1951 Client: self 客户:自己

August was marked by a trip to Lanzhou, which I'd rather not talk too much about. 


Summer Palace 力芙莱鞋业

Client: self 客户:自己

August had a few brilliant days, on one, I decided to finally end my avoidance of the Summer Palace and among the blue sky photos, i found this photo. 


Li Xiaofeng - sculptor 李晓峰—雕塑艺术家

I had the privilege to photograph Li Xiaofeng in his Beijing studio. He also has a Dingdejing studio as well, which I missed him by days at when i was there in February. His work is reconstructing shards of rejected pottery into other forms, my notably dresses and coats. His work is collected world wide. For those in Beijing you might have seen two pieces at The Opposite House. 


Client: Red Gate Gallery

A party at Ralph Lauren Home's showroom  和总理的午餐



Client: Raymond Yang 客户:澳大利亚商会

Aside from the happy people posing and gorgous dinner setting and dinner I did some photographs of their showroom. The day was brilliant, one to make you happy to live in Beijing.  


Red Gate Gallery

I have been quite on this website for the past few months, not because I’ve not been working, but because i’ve been working too much on websites. Red Gate’s website to be precise. I started in December to work out the structure and it was finished by mid July and launched. In the artist’s section you will see the various artists i have been to the studios of and photographed. We will be back dating and updating this new over the next while and making (finally) the art pages to this design.

Felix leaves 张居锦走了

After six months being my regular interpreter and assistant Felix is off to the Netherlands to pursue his Master of Arts in leisure, the business of leisure. I wish him all the best.