What Japanese men do in the morning


I’ve been working on an art project with my artistic partner Martin for more then two years. Tokyo was the last city to visited in the eight we decided on. The project is simple, document as many men as we can doing their morning ritual, in real time, with photography as authentically as we can. The project started in Melbourne, and we’ve added, the Sunshine Coast, Singapore, Manila, Hong Kong, Shanghai and of course Beijing. If the guy said yes, we photograph, the only exception to that has been in Beijing where we have done quite a large number as I’m living here. The photograph presented here is of Shinya, who was one of eight men I photographed in the eight city.

Tokyo Fish Markets


Ewerthon Tobase and myself worked on an article for Status magazine in Brazil on the Tokyo fish markets. Where as most people get there early, we decided we would take another approach and get there towards the end of the day’s trading. this meant that we could get photographs like this lone prawn (shrimp). The magazine is out now. A gallery is here.

Midnight in Peking

I’m working on my next blog for City weekend. This is going to echo some of the work I did art wise in the mid 1990s. I did two exhibitions where I photographed places that in one case had been taken over by tourists and lost their original meanings, the other was about a place where something significant had happened but was now lost in history. The story of Midnight in Peking by Paul French happens close to where I live. Pamela Werner’s body was found in the park I walk through to get to Red Gate Gallery, where i work. In fact the gallery’s building has a key role in the story. I am posting a photo of what was the ‘Badlands’ of 1930s Beijing. This street is key to the story of what happened.

Snow outside so I decided to try my hand at some male fashion


Today was the first snowfall of the year (not to be confused with Skyfall which is very different). David has been wanting to meet again for some time. We did some test shots together end of last year. He is not a model, nor has pretences to be one, i like that i can make him look very butch even threatening, in the photographs. I like the combination of the orange underwear which leave him some what vulnerable yet, his expression is any thing but vulnerable.