Red Gate Gallery

I have been quite on this website for the past few months, not because I’ve not been working, but because i’ve been working too much on websites. Red Gate’s website to be precise. I started in December to work out the structure and it was finished by mid July and launched. In the artist’s section you will see the various artists i have been to the studios of and photographed. We will be back dating and updating this new over the next while and making (finally) the art pages to this design.

Art works in the gallery 画廊里的作品

20130713_6346 20130713_6462
Client: Red Gate Gallery 客户:红门画廊

Song Jianshu's
At Last, and Li Xiaofeng's ceramic piece on exhibition at Red Gate Gallery. Red Gate Gallery's new website which, i had a major role in, went up in July. The images of the artists and their studio are all by me. 


Zhou Jirong in his studio 周吉荣在他的工作室

Red Gate Gallery 客户:红门画廊

There is a calmness to this photograph that reflects the artist very well.  

Liang Changsheng 梁长胜


ClientRed Gate Gallery 客户:红门画廊

Over the last few years Red Gate Gallery and the Luxembourg ambassador have collaborated on a show of sculpture in the garden of his residence.


The World of Chinese - Jingdezhen 汉语世界 —— 景德镇

Client: The World of Chinese 客户:《汉语世界》杂志

The world of Chinese published my visual blog and short introduction to Jingdezhen in issue 3, 2013 has now made it onto their 
website. You can find my other blogs, Midnight in PekingFirst Impressions of Yangshuo (1994)Summer in DalianOrder and Disorder (Jiang Weitao) and Number One Bathing Beach, Qingdao there also. 


2012 portfolio

20121212-3302 copy

Each year I make a webpage for public consumption and a book for myself. This is a selection of 57 of my favourite photograph of the year. Enjoy! So now that Raffles City has celebrated Xmas 2013 lets look back on 2012.

Season's greetings with a tree


It doesn’t feel like Xmas when it is -5 outside with snow, it feels like a ski resort. For most of my clients and friends you are enjoying Xmas parties and drinks which are a bit lacking in Beijing. So here is my greetings in this holiday season, though the Chinese will wait a month or so. The tree is by Laurens Tan an artist who keeps moving around the world. The tree was commissioned by The Opposite House and photographed for Red Gate Gallery.

Tokyo Fish Markets


Ewerthon Tobase and myself worked on an article for Status magazine in Brazil on the Tokyo fish markets. Where as most people get there early, we decided we would take another approach and get there towards the end of the day’s trading. this meant that we could get photographs like this lone prawn (shrimp). The magazine is out now. A gallery is here.

Midnight in Peking

I’m working on my next blog for City weekend. This is going to echo some of the work I did art wise in the mid 1990s. I did two exhibitions where I photographed places that in one case had been taken over by tourists and lost their original meanings, the other was about a place where something significant had happened but was now lost in history. The story of Midnight in Peking by Paul French happens close to where I live. Pamela Werner’s body was found in the park I walk through to get to Red Gate Gallery, where i work. In fact the gallery’s building has a key role in the story. I am posting a photo of what was the ‘Badlands’ of 1930s Beijing. This street is key to the story of what happened.

Snow outside so I decided to try my hand at some male fashion


Today was the first snowfall of the year (not to be confused with Skyfall which is very different). David has been wanting to meet again for some time. We did some test shots together end of last year. He is not a model, nor has pretences to be one, i like that i can make him look very butch even threatening, in the photographs. I like the combination of the orange underwear which leave him some what vulnerable yet, his expression is any thing but vulnerable.

Jiang Weitao


The World of Chinese has published a second blog on their website. This one on the Shanghai based artist Jiang Weitao. It is part of the artists working series that Red Gate Gallery has commissioned me to make.

The V2.5 of my website (you are looking at V4.0)

This is the V4 of my website. For historical interest (and because it’s so small and totally different to this site) I’ve put it up as a record of the work I did in advertising and editorial in the 1990s and early 2000s. During this time I did work for Ford Motor Company, Small Luxury Hotels and many others. Enjoy. (link)

Li Xiaofeng at The Opposite House

This exquisite work is on display October to December 2012. it is stunningly beautiful. It was a great joy to photograph it. I can’t believe that the AGNSW passed up a chance to own one several years ago.

Qingdao Number One Bathing Beach

Thanks to The World of Chinese for publishing my photo-essay on Qingdao Number One Bathing beach I photographed this time last year on the FLP trip. Thanks to Bobby Brill for the contact and being such a hoot during the 7 days we spent there. This comes with a small essay. They have asked for three more.

Five Beautiful women who make beautiful homes

_MG_4445 copy
Small magazine shoot today photographing the boss and the team from DARA (not to be confused with a Spanish clothing company) It is to go with an interview. Bought a set of flashes for the shoot. I made 6 set ups, used various lenses and had a very intense 2 hour shoot with a 2 hour edit and 3 hour touch up… My touching up skills just got a lot better, I put them through three programmes, and i think found a balance between the extreme of say a Clique advert where the skin looks plastic and sprayed on and reality. The scary thing for me is that i made them appear real while being quite torched up, in China we call it ‘looking one’s best’. Link to their website, when the magazine comes out I will link that.

Beijing's Parks

Since arriving in Beijing I have been photographing the parks that give us some relief from the big city. To make it more interesting to myself i gave myself some rules. Each park is 90 minutes, with one camera and one lens, I can go back in another season and shoot it again. These sets are going up on City Weekend’s website as a blog.
Ritan Park, Mudan Yuan and City Wall Park.

Lv Peng, Beijing

Lv Peng was the first studio I photographed as part of a larger commission from Brian Wallace from Red Gate Gallery. Peng’s themes are have overlap with my concerns. In our conversation we talked about the 1900-30s are a defining moment of Chinese history, the sense of wonder and advancement. This mirrored society in this current period. His paintings have young men discovering the world and getting involved in it.