Li Jingou 李金国

Client: Red Gate Gallery 客户:红门画廊

My favourite work from the month is the artists I photographed for Red Gate Gallery. This is a portrait of the sculptor Li Jingou posing with a work, made from his signature resin. 


Zhou Jirong in his studio 周吉荣在他的工作室

Red Gate Gallery 客户:红门画廊

There is a calmness to this photograph that reflects the artist very well.  

The Australian Arts Minister, Tony Burke  
澳大利亚艺术部长托尼 伯克

Client: Red Gate Gallery 客户:红门画廊

Tony Burke visited Beijing as arts minister under Julia Gillard, now under Kevin Rudd he is also the immigration minister.

在吉拉德当任总理期间,托尼 伯克曾以艺术部长的身份访问北京,目前在新上任的陆克文内阁他还兼任移民与公民部部长。

Escape Plan

Escape Plan 逃跑计划 20130419_4998
Client: Do Change 客户:东川至和

The brief was to make the photos look British. This is very much a collaboration with the band. 


Liang Changsheng 梁长胜


ClientRed Gate Gallery 客户:红门画廊

Over the last few years Red Gate Gallery and the Luxembourg ambassador have collaborated on a show of sculpture in the garden of his residence.


Jason Benjamin - Painter 画家

Client: Red Gate Gallery 客户:红门画廊

When Tony Burke, the Australian arts minister came to Red Gate we chatted about the expat Australian arts scene and he asked me for images that would help explain this to Australians back home. I asked Jason if he would let me come by and make images of him in is temporary studio. He was in Beijing as part of Red Gate's residency programme. 

当澳大利亚艺术部长Tony Burke访问红门画廊时,我们谈论到了澳大利亚艺术家在海外的创作现场,他向我索要了一些照片以便于他在回到澳洲之后向公众诠释。我询问Jason是否能让我拜访并在他的临时工作室拍照。他当时在北京参加红门画廊的国际访问艺术家计划。

Taoranting Park

From the continuing parks series Taoranting Park.

The World of Chinese - Jingdezhen 汉语世界 —— 景德镇

Client: The World of Chinese 客户:《汉语世界》杂志

The world of Chinese published my visual blog and short introduction to Jingdezhen in issue 3, 2013 has now made it onto their 
website. You can find my other blogs, Midnight in PekingFirst Impressions of Yangshuo (1994)Summer in DalianOrder and Disorder (Jiang Weitao) and Number One Bathing Beach, Qingdao there also.