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Gail Kelly CEO of Westpac 西太平洋银行CEO

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Client: AustCham 客户:澳大利亚商会

AustCham has the Australian China Business Awards each year, this year it was hosted in Beijng and Gail Kelly, the CEO of Westpac one of Australia's four main banks gave the keynote. With events getting a great moment of the keynote is important, but also is finding those moments that are a bit unusual and very graphic. 

澳大利亚商会每年都会颁发澳大利亚在华商业大奖,今年这一典礼在北京举办,Gail Kelly女士,澳洲四大银行之一的西太平洋银行CEO做了主题发言。在一重大事件里捕捉到主题演讲的时刻很重要,但同时也是捕捉到那些不同寻常和形象化的时刻的好机会。