Leaf Legend Shoes

Leaf Legend Shoes 力芙莱鞋业 20130418_7070.120130418_8333
Client: Do Change 客户:东川至和

Half day in a studio and half day at 751, four models and many, many pairs of shoes. This was my first fully fledged fashion shoot in China. Felt really good to get back in to the groove. We were also blessed with one of the most stunning days of the year. We had anticipated packing up at 5pm and had sun until it went behind buildings... not into 'atmospheric conditions'.

Snow outside so I decided to try my hand at some male fashion


Today was the first snowfall of the year (not to be confused with Skyfall which is very different). David has been wanting to meet again for some time. We did some test shots together end of last year. He is not a model, nor has pretences to be one, i like that i can make him look very butch even threatening, in the photographs. I like the combination of the orange underwear which leave him some what vulnerable yet, his expression is any thing but vulnerable.