PKU/Griffith Uni Dialogue 北京大学/格里菲斯大学,澳中未来对话—未来领袖论坛

Griffith Asia Institute 客户:《格里菲斯大学亚洲研究所

My job to document the meeting and make a set of photographs that can be used in supporting material for the following years.


Escape Plan

Escape Plan 逃跑计划 20130419_4998
Client: Do Change 客户:东川至和

The brief was to make the photos look British. This is very much a collaboration with the band. 


IPBC Conference


I really enjoy photographing conferences as I learn a lot, as well as working in a structure that requires me to make interesting photographs of important people in their fields, in awkward situations, i.e. eating, drinking and speaking. This photograph is a pause between thoughts of Roger Shang, Chief Patent and Technology Counsel, Alibaba Group.