Allen Lin

Allen Lin 林依轮 20130409_5062.1
Client: AustCham 客户:中国澳大利亚商会

Sometimes you get two minutes with a public face, this is my making the most of this opportunity at the PM's lunch. The photo was made in the VIP room. 


Longtan Yuen

Longtan Yuen 龙潭公园 20130411-6227
Client: Self 客户:自己

I like green. In the greyness that is often Beijing, I like to visit parks. During winter there was not much point. Now with spring I'm out again. 


Lunch with the Australian Prime Minister

Lunch with the PM  和总理的午餐 20130409_5238311dd2
Client: AustCham 客户:澳大利亚商会

This was highly anticipated both in terms of Australia's relationship with China and domestic politics.  


Mad Hatter's Ball

At the end of March I was invited to photograph the Mad Hatter’s Ball for the AustCham, the Australian Chamber of Commerce. This was the annual ball and attended by the Australia/China business world. Charity of the night was Jackie Chan’s Charities. The night was fun! The photograph is of Paulini singing the national anthem. 20130309-4047

Midnight in Peking

I’m working on my next blog for City weekend. This is going to echo some of the work I did art wise in the mid 1990s. I did two exhibitions where I photographed places that in one case had been taken over by tourists and lost their original meanings, the other was about a place where something significant had happened but was now lost in history. The story of Midnight in Peking by Paul French happens close to where I live. Pamela Werner’s body was found in the park I walk through to get to Red Gate Gallery, where i work. In fact the gallery’s building has a key role in the story. I am posting a photo of what was the ‘Badlands’ of 1930s Beijing. This street is key to the story of what happened.

Li Xiaofeng at The Opposite House

This exquisite work is on display October to December 2012. it is stunningly beautiful. It was a great joy to photograph it. I can’t believe that the AGNSW passed up a chance to own one several years ago.

Beijing's Parks

Since arriving in Beijing I have been photographing the parks that give us some relief from the big city. To make it more interesting to myself i gave myself some rules. Each park is 90 minutes, with one camera and one lens, I can go back in another season and shoot it again. These sets are going up on City Weekend’s website as a blog.
Ritan Park, Mudan Yuan and City Wall Park.