Li Xiaofeng - sculptor 李晓峰—雕塑艺术家

I had the privilege to photograph Li Xiaofeng in his Beijing studio. He also has a Dingdejing studio as well, which I missed him by days at when i was there in February. His work is reconstructing shards of rejected pottery into other forms, my notably dresses and coats. His work is collected world wide. For those in Beijing you might have seen two pieces at The Opposite House. 


Client: Red Gate Gallery

Red Gate Gallery

I have been quite on this website for the past few months, not because I’ve not been working, but because i’ve been working too much on websites. Red Gate’s website to be precise. I started in December to work out the structure and it was finished by mid July and launched. In the artist’s section you will see the various artists i have been to the studios of and photographed. We will be back dating and updating this new over the next while and making (finally) the art pages to this design.

Escape Plan

Escape Plan 逃跑计划 20130419_4998
Client: Do Change 客户:东川至和

The brief was to make the photos look British. This is very much a collaboration with the band. 


Lv Peng, Beijing

Lv Peng was the first studio I photographed as part of a larger commission from Brian Wallace from Red Gate Gallery. Peng’s themes are have overlap with my concerns. In our conversation we talked about the 1900-30s are a defining moment of Chinese history, the sense of wonder and advancement. This mirrored society in this current period. His paintings have young men discovering the world and getting involved in it.