Beijing atmospherics


I did 5kms of walking in this. When we say ‘did you wear protection?’ in Beijing we are referring to face masks!

Shanghai a night view


I have been sorting photographs from last trip to Shanghai for submission to a stock library.

Unusual Challenges: Catfish Latex

I’ve done some odd jobs this year but this one is up there as the oddest. An acquaintance told me he had a shoot I could work with him on. I asked a few more questions, like what, when and how much. Shooting rubber in a small studio is not easy. It is much more suited to a large space with very big soft boxes. I made do. Most of the photographs were against a white background for their catalogue, however on the sixth suit, i shot the white then moved my navy blue background in and added a bit of drama. So if you are in the fetish manufacturing, I can say I’m experienced.

2012 portfolio

20121212-3302 copy

Each year I make a webpage for public consumption and a book for myself. This is a selection of 57 of my favourite photograph of the year. Enjoy! So now that Raffles City has celebrated Xmas 2013 lets look back on 2012.