Allen Lin

Allen Lin 林依轮 20130409_5062.1
Client: AustCham 客户:中国澳大利亚商会

Sometimes you get two minutes with a public face, this is my making the most of this opportunity at the PM's lunch. The photo was made in the VIP room. 


Lunch with the Australian Prime Minister

Lunch with the PM  和总理的午餐 20130409_5238311dd2
Client: AustCham 客户:澳大利亚商会

This was highly anticipated both in terms of Australia's relationship with China and domestic politics.  


Leaf Legend Shoes

Leaf Legend Shoes 力芙莱鞋业 20130418_7070.120130418_8333
Client: Do Change 客户:东川至和

Half day in a studio and half day at 751, four models and many, many pairs of shoes. This was my first fully fledged fashion shoot in China. Felt really good to get back in to the groove. We were also blessed with one of the most stunning days of the year. We had anticipated packing up at 5pm and had sun until it went behind buildings... not into 'atmospheric conditions'.

Longtan Yuen

Longtan Yuen 龙潭公园 20130411-6227
Client: Self 客户:自己

I like green. In the greyness that is often Beijing, I like to visit parks. During winter there was not much point. Now with spring I'm out again. 


21 days in Hong Kong

During March I was based in Hong Kong working on the finals stages of our art project. I also met up with some friends who had flown up from Melbourne. I arrived back from the Handzhou, Jingdezhen, Shanghai and a day in Nanjing trip and in two weeks was heading off again. Now I’m settled back in Beijing for the next six months. While in Hong Kong, I wrote some words to go with my photographs of Jingdezhen. I made several trips to Mongkok and made enough material for an article.